• Madelon Blaauwbroek


hii, how are you doing? I really hope you are doing well! I haven’t posted in a very long time. I am having a hard time but there are some kind of positive things happening in my life at the moment. I'm almost sure that I am going back to a normal (art) school next school year. I did intakes for 6 educations and I got accepted at all 6. I thought maybe 1 but I never expected to get accepted at all 6. I can’t believe it. It also is very terrifying but I am going to give everything. I am probably going to study media design (Mbo for the dutchies) Last Friday I had my last appointment with my psychiatrist who has helped me so much. I have made real steps among other because of him. I find it very difficult that I have to let him go but it is because of good reasons. Because I am going to start with the main course of my mbt therapy soon which I am working towards to for 3 years. I am terrified but I am really hoping it will help me to finally feel better. I am so done with my thoughts and feelings so I am going to fight so damn hard. lots of love,


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