• Madelon Blaauwbroek

Life is so damn unfair

*this is not for attention I just wanted to let you know why I am so inactive lately*

Hii, I hope Everything is okay! One of The worst thing that could happen covid wise just happened. Last week I heard that my grandmother who is 93 has covid she is old but she is doing okayish. After that I heard my mother has covid too so that means I need to go in quarantaine for 7 days after she is symptom free so she is symptom free now so I am allowed to Go out of quarantaine thuesday. I think this is so damn unfair, I have been allergic to unfairness since I was a child. I don’t know a single person who adhered better to the covid rules than my grandmother She was really in a bad state mentally because of the covid rules; She wasnt allowed to leave her room at the nursing home for 2 weeks and now almost almost all of the people at the nursing home have covid. I know She wont live for a very long time anymore but Please don’t let her die because of covid. I want her to see me getting better I want her to see the ending of covid. I want her to see so much more things so Please Please Please don’t let her die of covid. I am having a very hard time too every night I am scared to Go to sleep because I am scared that When I wake up my grandma is dead. I am fighting so damn hard I cant handle all this stuf besides my mental illness.

Lots of love, Madelon

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