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So I got an iPhone 11 and I thought maybe I could take pictures every day with it. The camera quality is amazing. I had an iPhone 5s before so this is a huge upgrade.

12 februari

Friday I went to my grandmother who passed away.

Saturday I went to the cemetery where my grandfather lies. My grandmother will lie her too soon..

Sunday I needed to do an Covid test.

Monday I got the test results back and my whole household is Covid free now so we were allowed to go out of quarantine. And I was allowed to go back to my protected living group again.

Tuesday I was back at my protected living group. These pictures are all so random haha.

Wednesday I had another school intake and I am approved to another training!

Thursday wasn’t that special so I just made a selfie of me crying for the thousands time.

Friday I was at my parents again and I watched some Greys anatomy

So that was my week there happenend more stufff but I wanted to just add one picture every day.

lots of love,


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