• Madelon Blaauwbroek

Mental health | Eating disorders

You probably heard this a thousand times but it is true an eating disorder i not about food. It is control on what you eat because you dont have control on live or on your emotions. an eating disorder is not fun. It is not fun to be scared of the thing you need to do every single day again. It is not fun to crie because you ate x kcal. It is not fun to see yourself getting fatter when you’re not gaining any weight. It is not fun to not be able to do all the fun things that come with eating. It is not fun to think about food all the time. It is just not fun. In the world we live in dieting is normal and saying you’re fat is the most normal thing in the world but I think this I s n o t. n o r m a l this is where kids start developing an Eating disorder this is where the crieing because you have to eat starts this is where the fear of the thing you have to do every single day starts. You have to eat every single day it Is not normal to count calories it is not normal to be afraid of chocolate it is not normal to crie because you gained x kilograms it is not normal to be afraid of food. if you read this and you think it is fun to start dieting please believe me it is not going to help you in the worst case scenario you develop an eating disorder and believe me it is not fun. i just want to spontaneous deside to eat pizza again I just want to enjoy my chocolate I just want to dare to eat whatever I am craving I just don’t want to think about food 24/7 anymore!!!! and yes I am having and eating disorder and no I am not underweight and that is really difficult My mind tells me all the time if I weigh x kilograms I deserve to recover but I want to recover now not only from my eating disorder but als from all the other problems I have because there is just 1 thing I want the most: having a live.

just having a live.

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